Every adventure has an end

As with all things, even the most remarkable ones must come to an end. After working for almost two years on what has become Core Incubator, it is time to move on.

posted 17/07/2014 in Projects, Startups about 1 minute read

The politics of understanding

One of the first challenges we faced at Core Incubator was improving the entrepreneurial climate in Croatia and neighboring countries where we are active. There are a couple of ways to achieve that, one of them is providing more funds to the earliest stage startups. The second is educating potential entrepreneurs about running a business and developing their ideas into clear business visions.  The third one is building a quality infrastructure.

posted 20/03/2014 in Startups about 3 minutes read

The story about nothing

I have an idea. I’ll prepare a pitch for my new startup, create some cool slides and make up an entire story around it. Then I’ll go to every startup event and get into “pitch battles”. I’ll even win one of them. Then I’ll answer media questions and the media will push my story forward and build some hype. In the end, I’ll maybe even build the goddamn thing.

posted 08/06/2013 in Startups about 2 minutes read

You’re doing it wrong

There are two responses when somebody tells you “You’re doing it wrong”. The first one is “Damn” and the second is “Fu*k you”. The first one is lame while the second one is cool. The first one is a sure bet while the second one is a gamble. Either way, that reaction tells you more about yourself than anything else.

posted 12/05/2013 in Startups about 3 minutes read

Building a startup for startups

In late 2009 a good friend of mine (@HamedBangoura) and I exchanged ideas in a Skype chat. We used to do these kind of talks a lot back then, when we both were at our most productive stage, full of ideas and plans, but without the required capital to fund any of them. One of the ideas was to create an “Angel Incubator” in Zagreb, Croatia. That was in 2009. This month we launched that incubator and named it Core Incubator.

posted 17/03/2013 in Startups about 3 minutes read