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Every adventure has an end

As with all things, even the most remarkable ones must come to an end. After working for almost two years on what has become Core Incubator, it is time to move on.

Building stuff is something I couldĀ never get bored with. The challenge of surpassing expectations and delivering value when others think the goal is impossible to achieve is something so valuable that I love the challenge alone and would not mind doing that over and over again.

The hardest part to do is recognize when it is time to go and leave what was built behind.

It was a fantastic journey and a great privilege to build a startup incubator in Croatia and I hope the team will continue producing great projects that will create jobs and opportunities in the region. I hope I will have a chance to work again in that field because of the positive hype the startup community is gaining and the level of passion that is presented in all kinds of crazy ideas that in the end might just work.

The experience gained and the invaluable lessons learned are a treasure I will carry in my feature endeavors.

~ the end ~

to Home posted 17/07/2014 in Projects, Startups


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