Every adventure has an end

As with all things, even the most remarkable ones must come to an end. After working for almost two years on what has become Core Incubator, it is time to move on.

posted 17/07/2014 in Projects, Startups about 1 minute read


A couple of months into brainstorming about bringing WiFi internet access to cabs in Ljubljana (thats a separate project), I ran into Icomera, a Swedish/UK company specialized in manufacturing and deploying wireless routers for the transport industry. The then Channel Sales Director introduced us to the magic Icomera manufactures and a couple of weeks later the demo unit of their M200 was on my desk.

posted 19/04/2011 in Projects about 11 minutes read

How videotelephony ate the budget

UMTS or 3G, the successor of the classic, slow GSM mobile network was the hype of the early 2000’s. It had nothing to do with consumers directly, as the UMTS spectrum had to be sold to telecom companies first, and only then the infrastructure would be built and services rolled out. The hype emerged from the fact that in the middle of the dot-com bubble over in the US, someone planted the seed of »videotelephony« as the next big thing in the heads of managers across all telecom companies in Europe. 

posted 16/04/2011 in Projects about 5 minutes read