OrangeHRM on nginx

I started evaluating OrangeHRM as a central HRM application for a company I’m about to start working in, but unfortunately there was no working example published (that I know of) of the PHP app working with nginx. So after some tinkering with it, I somehow put together an nginx setup that appears to be working.

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Never outsource the brain

About a year ago I took over the position of CIO at a Slovenian retail store chain. Well, to be honest, I did not take over anything as that position did not exist when I joined the company. They had 17 stores, about 80 employees and a yearly turnaround of 7M€. And an unfinished ERP implementation.

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What type of startup are you?

Recently I fell over a presentation about #bmgen that expanded into some topics like “categories of startups”. The moment I saw the list I clicked pause, went to take a glass of water and tried to restart my brain. It did not help. Somebody is actually trying to categorize startups. You wanna create a startup? Well, pick a category!

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Cloud vs dedicated vs colocation comparison

In the past couple of months I’ve encountered many calculations, plans, expectations about whether buying hardware, leasing it, or going full-cloud is best. The features of cloud vs anythingelse are clear and are not a topic here, but the discussion of what is cheaper got me thinking and calculating. And here is the result.

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Change the world

In the last few months, nothing matches the number of times I’ve seen the “change the world” goal being tied to the entrepreneurial world. From very positive to utterly dysfunctional examples, the paradigm that entrepreneurs should/want/try to change the world made me think about the whole perspective and try to understand the underlying expectations and implication that “pressure” has on all entrepreneurs.

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The music war

One of the best stories of the world wide web, IMHO, is the Napster rise and fall. That story shows you how the web empowered genius minds to send shock waves across the world and force some of the biggest corporations in the world to wet their pants.

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Fu*k the euphemisms

When Amazon AWS experienced a serious issue in the US east coast region, one of the most common questions posted on their forum was “What is going on?”. We’ve all experienced that moment, usually with ISPs, mobile operators and other 24/7 stuff we’re fish out of the water without. And if you really try to think about it, the explanation for downtime is usually imprecise, vague and smelly PR-ish.

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Skype the hype

When the acquisition of Skype by Microsoft was announced, I checked some of the early posts from various sources that tried to research why did Skype manage to grow so much and became simple too big to ignore or avoid. Apart from the various “free, easy, cute” descriptions, the one that remained in my mind was “p2p”. At first I thought that was a typo. But then it made more sense than anything else.

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Doublerecall is a great idea. It solves a big issue for both publishers and advertisers in a sweet and easy way. Impression costs are falling, and impressions alone are not enough. The classic banner selling business is slowly being eaten away by action based advertising where publishers get paid only if the visitor triggers an action on the advertisers site. It is normal and expected that both of them will be searching for new ways to a) raise advertising revenues and b) lower advertising costs. Hm. Google spoiled advertisers. They are now used to pay per click, and publishers don’t like that.

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A couple of months into brainstorming about bringing WiFi internet access to cabs in Ljubljana (thats a separate project), I ran into Icomera, a Swedish/UK company specialized in manufacturing and deploying wireless routers for the transport industry. The then Channel Sales Director introduced us to the magic Icomera manufactures and a couple of weeks later the demo unit of their M200 was on my desk.

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